Meet Timmy!

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  • Redduster

    Shaun for Prime Minister...

  • iloveshaun9

    I'd vote for him!

  • Avril_Timmy_Tron

    My Fave Shaun's character n.n

  • BigFranco

    i can see it on agist

  • Tupé

    Timmy is so adorable. Also loving the moment in the movie when he's being used as a backbag, since well, it's funny because it's true! 

  • iloveshaun9

    Such a little cutie!!

  • Roseygirl10099

    Timmy is from this show I least to watch when I was younger called Timmy time and I just relized. lol 

  • spot

    i love timmy

  • sumit

    i also lovve timmy

    -from sumit

  • sumit

    Timmy is the youngest in the flock

    but very important