Smashing work once again - well done to everyone who took part in this month’s Art Yard competition! There has been lots of sun, sea and sand to get us in the holiday season spirit!

This month's selected winner is ‘Crazyness at the Beach’ drawn by IHEARTSHAUN. Four fabulous drawings collectively making one big beach picture, with Shirley at the ice cream stand and the Farmer getting carried away by the crabs! 

And this month’s 4 fabulous runner ups are:

ART AND MUSIC GIRL for ‘Beachy’, a creative and stylised creation using block colour

SEVVAL for ‘Enjoyable Flock is at the Seaside’, a brilliant and colourful drawing of all the flock sunning themselves at the beach

ANEELAWASEELA for ‘Sunblock Party’, a super-fun digital drawing with a lot of humour!


LAYA for ‘Sheep’s Beach’, a delicately drawn picture of the flock playing at the beach

There are lots more prizes to be won in next month’s competition, so flex those brains and fingers and get ready for another cracking theme!

Posted by ashleyc 1 year 9 months ago