Published 24th June 2024

Listen To Hitsujibungaku's Epic Cover Version of Shaun's Theme Tune!

The cover version of Shaun's theme song “Life’s a Treat” has had a makeover by popular Japanese rock band Hitsujibungaku! The music video to accompany the track also premiered on YouTube today.

The collab has already proved super popular since the song was released earlier this month, ranking at No. 2 on Amazon Music’s Japanese Rock Trend Chart, and has seen fans all over the world getting excited about an unexpected take on Shaun's iconic theme tune. 

The music video is set in a special world based on original art created by Yu Fukagawa, a popular Japanese illustrator known for his soft aesthetic.

Hitsujibungaku were formed in 2011 and released their first album in 2018. This collaboration sees the group create a completely new take on Shaun's beloved theme tune, which was originally performed by British comedian Vic Reeves. 

To download Hitsujibungaku's new single, visit your preferred streaming service here. 

To watch the accompanying video, visit Hitsujibungaku's YouTube channel here.