Puzzle Putt

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Pick up your club and step up to Shaun’s golfing challenge, featuring 72 levels across 8 colourful courses, filled with obstacles. Customise your game by adding in some crazy contraptions, including everything from bouncy pumpkins to catapulting mole holes and hay bale power ups!

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  • mehasse

    Sounds cool! 

  • i205444

    oly one


  • dancis

    Hello flock :) I need your help. I would like to find the instructions for the board game Fleeced. Would you please be so kind and direct me to a link or maybe somebody can send me a PDF? It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!

  • jamison

    how do you downlod it?

  • Mr Scary

    You download it by getting it on the App Store or Google Play.

  • Elzio500

    Or you could get it in 1mobile market

  • Shaun the sheep fan

    Sounds good but can't download not alowed

  • leopcb

    XD sounds so cool

  • Halyfish

    Cool, wish it was free.

  • luna

    you should try the sheep skate game it's cool