The Big Chase

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By Prinsesser

One day, the Farmer buys an ATV and plans to ride it. He has Bitzer guard it, but Timmy slips past and drives out onto the lane. Timmy's mother immediately gets the tractor and drives in hot pursuit. This attracts the other sheep to join in thinking this is a race, grabbing any vehicle they can find from a shopping cart to a lawnmower. Despite his best efforts, all of the Flock slip past Bitzer, who ends up taking the Pizza Boy's scooter to join the chase with Shaun riding behind. As the chase gets more intense, they are soon joined by the Pigs, riding their own car. The pigs are soon joined by The Granny, who has been repeatedly trying to cross the street during the chase. As the chase intensifies, Shaun eventually manages to board the runaway ATV, passing Timmy back to his mother. Shaun barely manages to return the ATV to the farm after a death-defying leap, with all the racers returning their vehicles to the farm (except the Pigs, who have crashed into a nearby fence). Sporting leather biker's wear, the Farmer returns to the ATV to take his first ride, nonethewiser about what just happened. As the Farmer prepares to wind, he unintentionally speeds off in reverse, crashing and completely wrecking the ATV was crashed